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Greetings from Jasmine! September 21, 2007

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Hi everyone!

 My name is Jasmine and I am a very young dog of about a year old.  Shirley adopted me from Cavalier King Charles Spaniel rescue a week ago today.  

I have had to work very, very hard, but I finally have my humans trained just the way I want them. They let me up on the bed. They feed me special dog food. I have to share the house with two cats that it took awhile to convince I wasn’t an enemy but cats are not as smart as dogs as you all know.   

Tuesday Shirley let me take her to obedience class so I can further train her to obey.  Our instructor, Kari, has her hands full with Shirley but says that I am very smart.  (She is a little bit prejudiced as she has a CKCS herself.) 

I want to thank everyone who helped with me finding just the right humans. Their daughter, Cathy, took this picture of me this morning and let me meet my cousins, Macy the Doberman and Spice the Whippet.  We bonded immediately as none of us really like squirrels.  

Sloppy kisses to everyone —



Top Ten Reasons You Need a Cavalier September 20, 2007

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by Kim C. Thornton
1. The constant wagging tail is as good as air conditioning on hot days.
2. The body heat generated when they sit on your lap saves on heating
bills in winter.
3. You won’t have to wash your face or your dishes.
4. They’re chick magnets.
5. The feathering on their feet sweeps up all the dust on the floor.
6. You’ll get extra attention from flight attendants if you’re
traveling with one.
7. It’s nice to have company in the bathroom.
8. They’d rather cuddle than watch football.
9. Petting one will lower your blood pressure.
10. And the No. 1 reason to live with a Cavalier: Each day you’re
reminded to face life with a Cavalier attitude.


Real Men Love Their Cavaliers March 17, 2007

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by Dorothy Rosa Durkee


Every now and then we hear of a Cavalier who has attached himself to a man who has been heard to insist, over the years:

“Dogs belong outside, not inside.”

“No dog will ever sleep in MY bed!”

At some point thereafter, we hear that not only is there a dog in his house, but sooner or later, one in his BED.

Often it is a Cavalier that changes this man’s mind about dogs in the house — and in his bed.

What follows is the story of what happened today with one of those men. First, some background:

Every year we fly to the national NCAA collegiate wrestling finals, held in a different mid-western city each year. Every year when we return, John, a Lehigh graduate and former collegiate wrestler, makes airline reservations for the following year’s trip. He books (and pays for) a hotel room ($22/night, via Hotwire) and car rental, orders our tickets ($150+), and eagerly awaits the passing of the year. John has been doing this for the past 35 years or more.

So this morning we got up, dropped the dogs for boarding at the Vet, drove 90 minutes, stopped for lunch, drove to off-airport parking, parked our car, rode the shuttle to the airport, made our way (wheelchair and all) to the ticket counter, checked in, negotiated first-class upgrades — and at the last possible moment before proceeding to the gate, changed our minds.

We reversed our route, arriving at the Vet’s shortly before they closed.

We’re home now, and Taz is dozing at my feet. In a few minutes I’ll slip into bed, and Taz will follow me, settling into John’s right arm, which will remain wrapped around him till John falls asleep.

We changed our minds because Detroit in March wasn’t all that appealing (sorry, Detroiters, it’s a seasonal thing), because the airports are jammed with spring breakers, because John sadly didn’t expect much from Lehigh this year — and because John missed Taz!

We now have two sets of tickets for sale, to be posted on e-Bay tomorrow unless I hear from someone here who wants to buy them at a BIG discount … if they can bear to leave their Cavaliers.

Note: Doro and John adopted Taz via Barb Cooke. They are also owned by Tess, 14; Bailey, 2; and Cooper, 15 (at The Bridge).


Winter Warmth March 16, 2007

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Here’s a photo of former foster Dora (Blenheim) and  current foster Maggie Mae (tricolor), cuddling together for warmth.

Maggie has been in foster care for six weeks or so. She is going to be a great dog for the right person.  She has the most adorable face and an endearing personality — the Cavalier in her is coming out more and more each day!


Chelsea’s Busy Weekend March 13, 2007

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by Sandi Prince

Please allow me to gush once again at how amazing Chelsea is: She’s wonderful!

On Sat. morning we had a visit with Cheryl and Scott, who previously adopted another foster dog, Keeper. Chelsea and I went out to greet them when they arrived, and I believe that it was love at first sight for all of them. They were so focused on her that I don’t belive they would have noticed if a herd of stampeding buffalo passed by. Boy, do they want her!

Cheryl and Scott are both vet techs in NY state. Cheryl works in emergency and Scott works in physical therapy. Scott already has plans to put Chelsea on the treadmill at work so she can lose the last few extra pounds and tone up. Right now she is one flabby little girl! We made plans for Chelsea and me to go to their house on Friday and get her settled in with them.

After they left on Sat., a good friend of ours visited with her great dane, Clementine. My guys know Clementine pretty well and are usually unfased by her at this point. Clementine is the biggest dog that Chelsea has ever met, and she did beautifully meeting her. She showed a healthy dose of hesitation, but no real fear or shyness. Very quickly Chelsea was walking around Clementine as if she were only a piece of furniture.

Sunday evening our former foster, Dickens, came over with his family to have dinner and meet Chelsea. Dickens looks wonderful, and he and Chelsea immediately hit it off. They played noisily together all evening.

As you can see, our little Chelsea has become quite the social butterfly. I am very proud of her. Her new life will begin this weekend.

Chelsea and the author’s son, Jerry


HRH Crumpet February 3, 2007

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Here’s the regal look of Her Royal Highness Crumpet, currently being fostered in Pennsylvania.


Nick: Love at First Sight

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by Sue Amon

Nick left this morning for his new forever home on Cape Cod. (Poor little guy!) Rick and Patty arrived Friday and came over to meet Nick. There was no question that they hit it right off. After a short get-acquainted time the humans went out for a fish fry (something they can’t get on Cape Cod — who knew?) They said that was one thing they missed after leaving Rochester. (They actually lived in Henrietta about 2 blocks away from us for 20 years.)

When we went back to the house, Nick had already made up mind that these were his people. It was really love at first site. His new family couldn’t have been happier. Patty has had Nick’s picture on her computer at work showing everyone her new puppy. Rick couldn’t stop thanking Rescue for this gift. Every time we talked on the phone or email his enthusiasm was terrific. They couldn’t believe how lucky they were to get Nick.

This little guy is going to be King of his Castle in no time at all. We all agreed that this match was predestined.. so many coincidences:

— Rick is from the NJ town next to the town Nick came from.
— Rick and Patty happened to be at an event and were talking to people about getting a new dog and wanting a rescue. The people were related to Michelle and directed them to the web site.
— The couple lived in Rochester most of their married life.
— Nick came to rescue with a gorgeous collar and leash embroidered with “Nantucket.”
— Today in the comics the Fred Basset strip was about foster homes.

Again, SO many coincidences.

The sad part is that our Emma is brokenhearted. She cried the whole time Nick was leaving and watched his car drive away, crying all the time. We’ve never seen her do anything like that. Guess she’ll need some extra attention for a few days.

Anyway — looks like another good match made by the Rescue Mamas! Many thanks to Michelle for offering to do a follow-up home visit to the Cape this summer. I doubt it will be necessary but I’d be willing to share the responsibility with you!